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HTX Labs is a company where you’ll find the craftsmanship and creativity of an artist combined with the precision and attention to detail of an engineer. Everyday we invent and construct virtual worlds designed to humanize the training experience.

Virtual reality will play a critical role in helping businesses implement more effective and measurable ways to train their workforce.

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We continually create robust training simulations designed to improve the retention and recall of crucial processes and procedures to keep businesses performing safely and optimally, depending on your objectives.

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We're serious gamemakers on a serious mission. Our goal is to help businesses and government organizations harness and leverage virtual reality technology to elevate the learning of the future.

Latest News & Events

US Air Force awards
Press Release 07.30.2019

US Air Force awards SBIR Phase II to Virtual Reality Technology Innovator, HTX Labs

Developing training simulations
Press Release 06.14.2019

Solvay partners with HTX Labs to develop training simulations for chemical handling.

Augmented World Expo Reflection
Reflections from AWE 2019

Director of Innovation, Javier Fadul, shares his thoughts on this year's Augmented World Expo.

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We're hiring! If you are interested in being a part of our mission and our fast-paced, yet casual environment, check out our openings.

HTX Labs is in the news
We're in the news!

John Egan of Innovation Map wrote an article, "This Growing Houston Startup is Making Training Programs Safer and Cheaper with VR applications," featuring our CEO, Scott Schneider.

Award from Houston Business Journal
We've won a Fast 100 Innovation Award!

HTX Labs receives an Innovation Award from the Houston Business Journal!

Emergency Procedures simulation demo
AFA 2019 | Sept. 16-18, National Harbor, MD

We'll be attending and doing demos at the upcoming AFA Conference. Don't miss our demo of the Emergency Procedures Training Simulation in the SAIC and PTN booths!

Oculus Connect
Oculus Connect 2019 | Sept. 25 - 26, San Jose

We'll be attending OC6 in a few weeks and hope to see you there! Reach out to us to schedule a meeting or see a demo of our enterprise training simulations on the Quest!

Learning by Doing

Learning methods and speeds vary from person to person. What works for one person may not work for another. Because we each process and decode information differently, mastery of skills occurs at vastly different paces and using different techniques and methods.

Why, then, are we surprised when employees don’t retain the information presented in one-size-fits-all presentations, videos and outdated manuals?

Transform your training program into an active learning environment with virtual reality.

A tremendous amount of research has proven that active learning (learning by doing) is a superior way to ensure mastery of skills. A fully immersive virtual reality training program that offers hands-on participation can light up specific areas of the brain to hardwire information and drive retention and muscle memory.

Best of all, both the student and the instructor can establish an appropriate learning pace based on their individual mastery of the actual procedures required for their job and can target areas for further improvement.

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We create a variety of simulations to support interactive, immersive training. This means your students or employees will have the opportunity to perform the physical tasks required within a specific process or procedure in a safe and controlled environment. We learn as much from our mistakes as from our successes - and mistakes are free in virtual reality.

Whether you need something off-the-shelf or a tailor-made learning experience, we can replicate your environment, protocols, learning objectives and the appropriate consequences with a level of fidelity that mimics reality and drives a high level of retention.


Training military professionals for the many life-threatening and dangerous situations they may encounter throughout their career is critical to creating a safe and effective war fighter. It is nearly impossible to effectively simulate real-world situations without the use of immersive technology. Virtual reality plays a significant role in preparing soldiers for the extraordinary chaos and impromptu challenges that are faced on the battlefield.

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Petrochemical | Oil & Gas

Training protocols for safely operating the industrial equipment found in a petrochemical plant, refinery, offshore production platform, LNG facility or the numerous other depots that handle hazardous materials is far more effective when delivered in an experiential learning environment. How can you better prepare your personnel to avoid and manage any number of catastrophes such as fires, explosions, gas leaks, chemical spills or equipment malfunctions?

Petrochemical IllustrationLearn More

Workforce Safety

The demands on corporate safety and security leadership to fully protect and prepare their workforce are growing, and the type of risks facing corporations are expanding every day.  Classroom environments and safety videos have proven ineffective in scenario training and live training is cost-prohibitive, resource intensive and a logistical nightmare. Virtual reality-based training can provide a highly effective way to more fully prepare your workforce for the unthinkable but increasingly possible threat from an active shooter, disgruntled employee or a structure fire.

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