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HTX Labs has pioneered the development and delivery of an immersive training platform that our customers are using to elevate the level of proficiency and preparedness of their workforce. Our EMPACT® Platform enables organizations to quickly create and deploy highly effective immersive training content that results in improved efficiencies, cost savings, and more effective learning outcomes.

Create immersive training content

EMPACT empowers course creators and instructors to create engaging immersive content within an appropriate virtual 3D environment. Content creators are able to quickly capture their expertise without the need for coding.

EMPACT enables instructors and other content creators to manage and distribute immersive content to their students from our secure cloud-based content management system.

Learn hands-on in XR simulations

Expertise is transferred from instructors to students using proven learning methodologies. Students have the option to watch the training experience, be guided by the instructor, and be assessed against recorded instructor behaviors. Learning by doing in a risk-free environment allows students to practice hazardous situations and fail safely.

Students easily access their immersive training from a wide range of devices, at any time, from anywhere, with measurable results.

Measure performance outcomes

Student performance is captured and assessed against the actions of the instructor and their peers. Your organization can use this performance data to track the progression of learning as well as to highlight areas that need additional support.

Your organization can use these insights to compare the training methods and better track the ROI for training programs. This data follows xAPI and can be easily transferred to an existing LMS for additional analysis.

HTX Labs Simulations

EMPACT Platform

Rapidly create fit-for-purpose training modules within virtual environments using our no-code content authoring tool. Students can learn anywhere at anytime on a multitude of devices. Measurable results are captured for analysis.

About HTX Labs

Modeling & Simulations

Our team creates high-fidelity virtual environments and robust training simulations designed to improve the retention and recall of crucial processes and procedures to keep businesses performing safely and optimally.

The United States Air Force uses EMPACT

The United States Air Force actively uses EMPACT to create a wide range of immersive training simulations, providing training solutions for pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel that is effective, engaging and safe.

EMPACT enables Air Force instructors and subject matter experts to rapidly create and deploy immersive training content to their students.

Students are able to securely access their training content on many types of devices enabling them to train anytime from anywhere.

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