EMPACT® is an enterprise software solution that allows your organization to develop, create, manage, and distribute immersive training content throughout your organization. Whether you're using 360-degree training videos or fully-immersive simulations developed using commercial game engines, your organization needs a central place to easily manage and access corporate training content.

Our secure, cloud-based content management system can provide hosting and distribution for immersive experiences, and make them available to a broad range of devices, such as laptops, tablets and VR headsets. Whether you plan to deploy your training within an immersive simulation room or to standalone VR headsets or on mobile devices, your students will be able to access their training content whenever and wherever they need it.





We are building tools to empower your organization to create personalized immersive content and make it available to your team members. We’ve developed our platform tools through years of experience from building immersive training experiences for our customers. Our content creation and content management tools leverage best practices of immersive training and provide a set of common components that help make procedural, academic and assessment content easily available and accessible for immersive simulations. We simplify the process to get up and running and to get things right, without having to reinvent the wheel. Our content authoring capabilities deliver consistent learning experiences which allows your students to focus their attention on the content rather than the medium, making training more efficient and effective.

Create Content

EMPACT Studio allows content creators and instructional designers to rapidly capture their expertise, simply by recording themselves performing a set of actions within a relevant, interactive virtual environment. This expertise is automatically packaged into a lesson for the content creator to review and publish to the EMPACT Platform. This allows students to learn directly from the expert, and be assessed against the expert’s performance.

Measure Competency

EMPACT Analytics provides the ability to compare the performance of students to experts through intuitive visualizations. These assessment tools provide feedback on problem areas by highlighting the relevant steps taken during training. Additionally, EMPACT tracks the usage metrics of various content and training types to allow organizations to compare training methodologies.

This is a powerful insight engine into the improvement over time of your students and your organization. This data can be further enhanced through integrations with learning management systems and analytics engines.

Technology Partners and Integrations

We work closely with best in class immersive technology providers and have integrated their solutions into our content creation and delivery software. Whether you are just getting started or deeply integrated with these technologies, we are here to help take your immersive training to the next level.

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