Exploring a New Reality with the US Air Force Crew Chief Fundamentals Training

August 26, 2021

Reimagining a decades-old training paradigm through the lens of immersive technology isn't just about disrupting the current system, but re-engineering the way we learn and having the right partner to guide you through this monumental shift.

Traditional training methods like auditory and written learning styles alone are limited, outdated, and no longer sufficient for today's increasingly technologically driven Airmen. The demand for acquiring knowledge in easily accessible, portable, personalized, and digital formats is the new norm.

In partnership with the US Air Force (USAF), HTX Labs is proud to continue our work to transform how Crew Chief Fundamentals (CCF) training is taught to existing and 4,500+ incoming airmen annually. Crew chiefs are part of the maintenance force that ensure aircraft are airworthy and mission-ready so pilots can complete their various variety of missions. This project is a collaborative effort to leverage our EMPACT® immersive training platform to modernize initial skills training taught at Sheppard Air Force base and helps pave the way for innovative immersive training solutions across airframes and career fields.

Stakeholders from four different bases, across the USAF, recently met with the HTX team at The Ion, in Houston, for a week-long workshop to break down how we can better equip instructors and students with multi-modal, immersive training tools, through our EMPACT immersive training platform. EMPACT offers a more engaging and fun way to create, visualize, engage with, and deconstruct complex systems to transition hands-on practices to technological instruction for real-world application.

A transformation of this magnitude requires modifications from instructors and curriculum designers, who must adjust their training methodologies to transition hands-on practices to technological instruction for real-world application of immersive training content. This training redevelopment also puts student Airmen at the center of learning, resulting in a 46% reduction in course completion time compared to traditional methods.

HTX worked with the USAF to enable subject matter experts to capture their expertise to teach and learn concepts like procedural training with consequential learning, experiential learning, and immersive academics and seamlessly integrates into Dynepic’s MOTAR, an analytics and reporting dashboard.

HTX’s goal is to work with the USAF to holistically think through asset creation, content deployment, and program sustainment to create safe, skilled, and resilient aircraft maintainers who are prepared to operate in the challenging and dynamic conditions of today’s Air Force.