Our Experience

HTX Labs creates simulations that support enterprise-wide procedural training and active learning programs. Many of our clients find that virtual reality technology offers a realistic experience that helps them achieve better retention, recall and performance because their employees gain valuable hands-on experience.

We work with our clients in two different ways depending on your unique needs.

  1. We can provide ready-made experiences that your team can immediately utilize.
  2. We can create bespoke training programs customized specifically for your business.  

Examples of Our Work

We offer a portfolio of simulations that can be used in one of two ways:

  1. Licensed and utilized immediately to begin training your employees on a similar concept (ideal for clients who have already invested in VR hardware and/or have an immersive training program initiative currently in progress); or
  2. As a primer for your creative team, developers or third-party vendors to further customize (ideal for clients creating VR experiences).

New to Virtual Reality?

We have several readily available training experiences that can be immediately utilized on all industry-leading VR headsets, including the popular HTC Vive, Varjo VR-1 and the Oculus Quest.

In all cases, our simulations are designed for active participation in a high-fidelity, fully immersive environment. Participants are required to interact within the virtual world in order to complete a task. Imagine opening a door, using a tool, or operating machinery that will trigger either a positive or negative response depending on the protocols. This is active learning - learning by doing.

You can learn more in this video:

We work directly with the following hardware providers to integrate their technology into our immersive training experiences. This also allows us to provide a turnkey solution for our customers, if necessary.

OculusViveVarjoRave ComputerhaptxBebop sensors

Our Methodology

Each of our simulations is created on our platform and within a methodology that includes the following principles:

Some of Our Virtual Environments

Realism drives believability.

To achieve a truly life-like scenario, we spend a tremendous amount of time crafting ultra high fidelity environments that are the underpinning of the immersive learning experience.

Below are examples of the types of environments we have created.

Aircraft simulation
Refinery simulation
Railcar depot simulation
Railcar Depot
Warehouse simulation
Hospital simulation
Stadium simulation
Sports Stadium
Classroom simulation
Office simulation

Areas of Expertise

If you are interested in developing a series of fully immersive training simulations, we can help. Having worked with organizations from a variety of industries, we have developed a process that helps our clients create experiences that are far more effective than traditional training methods.

Experience immersive training that humanizes learning!