Building up in Bayou City

September 28, 2020

Operating in the heart of downtown Houston (at least until COVID hit), HTX Labs is busy building the platform to turn the standard slog of video training into the immersive and engaging training of the future. When talking about virtual reality (VR) most people assume that it’s something only used for video games, but the immersion and data capturing abilities are perfectly suited for delivering complex training situations.

As VR becomes more and more accessible to the public through standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest and Pico Neo 2, hundreds of companies are now “gamifying” their education to turn their training content into something lifelike and fun. Research has shown that by turning learning into a more gamified experience, participant engagement and motivation are increased because the content is more compelling to users by giving incentives for their effort.

Due to COVID, companies have had to shift most if not all of their entire operations to remote work, but people still need to be trained. Education can’t stop just because we are no longer allowed to be together in a classroom. Immersive training addresses the location problem by creating a learning environment that can be consumed from their tablet, computer, or a VR headset. A study done by Brigham Young University showed that VR training provided the same results as in-person training but provided significant cost benefits from creating, scaling, and iterating the training. The same study also showed that 85% of its participants preferred VR over in-class training.

Our recent Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from the US Air Force have allowed our team to grow rapidly to meet customer demands. A fellow new hire, Daniel Haas, shared his excitement to be on board, “The [Virtual Reality] industry has changed a lot and continues to change rapidly. I’m grateful to have this experience with an awesome team”. The pandemic has highlighted the need for highly personalized immersive training. Companies and educators alike are looking to solutions like HTX’s EMPACT® to create, manage, and learn through immersive content.

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