Immersive training: learning by doing with virtual reality

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Learn how virtual reality provides a more effective medium for training new recruits and active duty military personnel. download


How virtual reality immersive training is transforming the way the U.S. Air Force trains the next generation of pilots.

Virtual reality makes training more effective by placing the individual in highly immersive and engaging environments and subjecting them to highly-focused, hands-on training exercises. Our technology allows your employees to learn by doing, which has been proven to result in dramatically higher learning and retention. Optimally, these tailored training experiences are applied in your workplace for maximum benefit.

As a SBIR Phase I award recipient, HTX Labs is able to work with any branch of the US military to develop highly-realistic simulations delivered in a fully-immersive, virtual reality environment. We create engaging experiences to help students practice step-by-step procedures that will fast-track learning, mastery and retention of military protocols.

Immersive technology allows students to take ownership of their learning by offering a highly flexible environment via a head-mounted display (HMD) and commercial software to practice and perfect processes at their own pace. At the same time, they are learning firsthand and committing to memory the various steps required for optimal performance. Additionally, they have the ability to refresh their skills regularly and will never have the same two experiences which mitigates boredom while reinforcing the learning.

For instructors, our immersive training solutions will help:

  • Tailor your program to address areas of deficiency;
  • Measure a student’s performance against that of an expert and their peers;
  • Provide a highly-accessible medium for teaching that ensures maximum retention;
  • Identify high-performing candidates for accelerated and/or advanced training; and
  • Reduce the time needed to train fully qualified personnel.